Younger Generations Now Ready To Take Charge

“Montreal currently in my experience is at this really amazing point in its history. If you look to some of the other prominent top cities in North America, if you look from a historical perspective, you’ll see that there is a tipping point where the older generation handed off the responsibility to the younger generation. Montreal for whatever reason hasn’t had that handoff.

We’re in the middle of that handoff period now. And you see the younger generation is ready, able, and willing to take charge. I was not just in the non-profit sector where you see people my age, people a little bit older, a little bit younger really getting involved in philanthropy, but you see it all the time over here through the construction.

You see it through the food industry. You see it in all the different ways that leadership roles are being created. And it’s because there’s this void. The older generation is starting to step away and make way for the next generation of Montreal leaders to take their place, which is incredible.”