The Reverse Brain Drain

Well, we’ve seen a reverse brain drain for the first time in everybody’s memory, right? People from California who knock on the doors of our companies here to move to Montreal. Of course, we’ve always had immigration from Europe and other areas, but, you know, that’s really new that we attract Silicon Valley people, that’s fascinating to see it happen. The capacity that we have today to make people move to Montreal, attract people from around the world, and make people move back to Montreal really lies in our geopolitical stability, right, where we stand out for peacefulness, predictability, the capacity to integrate, the ease of raising a family because the prices are, cost of living is lowered in most North American cities, housing is affordable so we can raise a family here. Even though a software engineer here might earn only 40% here of what he would earn in Silicon Valley, but at the end of the month he has more purchasing power to create a new life, and build their families and their lives.