The Many Ways To Fundraise in Montreal

“So if you look at Montreal, we are a melting pot for all forms of cultures, faiths, interests, businesses, cultures. However you look at it, Montreal brings everybody together. We have such a rich event-based history. So if the summer’s coming up, you know that there are gonna be festivals. You know that there are gonna be performances. You know there are gonna be concerts. It’s ingrained in us as a society to participate and to have fun and to enjoy.

Fundraising, there are different ways that you can fundraise. You can make the calls, you can send out the letters, you can have events. And events in Montreal is what people love coming out to go and participate in. If you’re gonna do something and people are gonna be wowed and have an incredible experience, and then the icing on the cake is they’re doing it to support a charity, then you have this combination that just makes everybody feel incredibly positive about what you’re accomplishing as a group.”