The Concept of Social Class Doesn’t Exist Here

Emilia: We met in Montreal. It would have been impossible I think. Very often we discuss that. I come from the suburb of Paris, disadvantaged area. He comes from a castle somewhere in Belgium. Am I over-exaggerating here? I don’t think so but he comes form a good family so it would have never happened in Europe, I think so. Our trajectory were so different, I think, and there are so many barriers in terms of socioeconomic backgrounds.

Hubert: No, because you come from dangerous area, nobody goes there.

Emilia: Yeah, so this is why I think it’s magic, not just magic but it’s really what Montreal produces. Montreal produces stories like this. Montreal produces like, how can I say, collaborations because it’s not just a love story, it’s also a question of aspirations. I really wanted to do something that has a profound meaning.

I really wanted, like I said, to contribute to a place where I feel I belong and Hubert has the same vision at some point in his life. So I think that being in a space where we can get rid of all those unnecessary, how can I say, barriers, limitations, conditioning and focus on who we are and what we want to achieve, Montreal gave us that so I think it’s a beautiful story.

Hubert: There is no social differences in Montreal, I will say. Even Quebec, the concept of different social class, I think it doesn’t exist. You have people having a lot of money, people being poor but that’s not a social class and that’s the opposite of what Europe has.

Emilia: It’s true and that’s amazing.

Hubert: Because of these differences, it’s impossible for someone from a certain social class to meet someone from another, it’s not impossible but the city is not meant for that so in Montreal it’s different, it’s really different because there is, for me there is only one class, one social class in Quebec, only one, with a lot of differences in revenue but, for me, the socioeconomic status, the social cultural status that is the same for everybody in Montreal.