The Concept of Love Is Different In Montreal

“One interesting thing, for example, is that the concept of love is different in Montreal or in Paris. That’s something, because we would think that love is everywhere the same, but it’s not at all the case. I had relationship with girls from Quebec, and from Montreal, I mean Quebec girls. And I realized that their conception of love is completely different of mine.

And I remember that I interviewed some people in Hollywood, Belgian people in Hollywood, and they said the same. They said, I won’t say that, but they say, Father, I will never have a relationship with an American girl again. And I said why? And they said because for them, a couple is a little company, and the company must have a kind of rent-ability.

That’s another way of thinking of the same. So, the culture’s different about love, about money, about the love of different things. That was the subject of my book, and it had a huge success in Europe and in Quebec, in Montreal, too.”