Serving The Community Through Art

I think MURAL Festival had a lot to do with the acceptance of Under Pressure, for example. Graffiti is still something that is rooted in vandalism and as such has perhaps more anarchistic implications as an activity. People are uncomfortable with anarchy in the fuller sense of how that word is defined. I don’t mean just violence and wrecking shit. I mean like really challenging power structures.

That goes back to why I wasn’t applying for grants and stuff like that is well, I’ve wanted to make a type of art that wasn’t necessarily tethered to sales and things. And that’s unfortunate because we need to learn again how to become citizens, how to become responsible for our communities.

I think,call us filmmakers, or as nurses, or doctors, or garbage men, or whoever, to understand our vocation in context. I’m an artist so I create community events and community platforms using my tools as an artist.