Promoting Healthy Dialogue About Political Issues

There’s never ever been a generation on this planet that actually gets to decide on the fate of its organized humanity as we do. So the future question is a great question. I think the future, by 2050, there’s conservative projections of over 200 million global refugees, climate change refugees. We got how many millions out of Syria and how much chaos did that create? 2050, it’s within my lifetime. It’s not far away. So if we’re not having the conversations about that kind of stuff as artists and in every vocation, we’ve missed the point.

We only have as of today’s date roughly 10 years to make the change because otherwise, we miss the Paris Accord, we miss our agreements, we miss those targets, the degrees rise, and we’re toast. So we get to decide. Like we get to decide on the fate of civilization. Kids are coming up with powerful voices. They need our support more than ever. We have to check out. We have to check out. We have to wake up. We have to get back into the streets and we have to push back hard. Otherwise, we’re part of the problem.