People Here Pay For Socially-Conscious Ideas

“A lot of times, for instance for myself, when I’m reading about the market in the United States or in other places in Canada, another part of, I would say the uniqueness in Montreal or Quebec is that people aren’t as price point sensitive for certain products, if they get the feeling that they are doing something right.

So if you’re Walmart, perhaps, in the United States, 72 cents more for a certain product would definitely affect their bottom line and their decision-making process. But I feel in Montreal people do pay a little bit more for a restaurant that buys their food locally. They will pay a little bit more for a cleaning product that perhaps won’t pollute the water. And so I think, as I alluded to before, it’s great for businesses that do have a kind of social entity, a place to grow, because you at least have customers that will support you in those very difficult first years.”