On The Music Industry: Tout le Monde Vous Dira Non

Hubert: I published a book about the music business. Tout le Monde Vous Dira Non, that was the title and it was a book about the music industry and all the hidden things of the music industry. So Emilia found that book, a day, and she decided to contact me, see, she sent me a email saying I would to meet you for a contract or something and so it was the beginning of our but first we had a professional collaboration.

Emilia: Yeah, it’s a book that was published here and later on in Europe but first it was published here, in Montreal and indeed he left his email address at the end of the book and at the time I had a couple of contracts still with friends because I was a songwriter at the time and I wanted to create a publishing company here and I read the book. I was stunned because it was basically describing all the things that I did wrong and explaining

Hubert: Emilia had her hit record in France. Did you know that? She was a big hit in France, a big hit. A French song. An RnB song, yeah, it was a real hit. But that’s for another time.