Montreal Theater Pioneer Michel Tremblay

One of the aspects of Montreal that I find extraordinary is the artistic side of our city. From a very young age, I had the opportunity to experience les pi├Ęces de Michel Tremblay, but Michel Tremblay, as a lot of people don’t know, and he’s very low key about it, he’s also the author of the same plays in English. So he would write a brilliant piece in French, which I would go and see, and then he would write the same piece in English, that I would go and see. And so, what I was able to do was gain a much deeper appreciation of the French language from a contextual point of view. The power of Michel Tremblay is extraordinary, and should never be overlooked, he’s truly a great Montrealer.

There were other great Montrealers as well, Jean-Claude Poitras, a brilliant designer, and a very, very creative individual, and a really, really, really nice guy who I’ve had the opportunity of meeting on a number of occasions, just a solid, down to earth Montrealer.