Montreal Is No Longer An Underdog City

Montreal is not an underdog city. It used to be. There were issues that perhaps paralyzed it in terms of what we communicated around the world. This is a very complex issue, touching on many, many different subjects that explain why. But I think today Montreal has opened a new window, has let the air in and the sunlight in and is obliged to get on the world stage because it’s ready, because it’s sophisticated enough, because there’s enough know-how here, there are incredible brains here, incredible talents that are being exported around the world and are saying, hey, my square one was Montreal.

I hope one day to be able to say that and go, look, if my book is going internationally and creating waves somewhere that someone will say, well, he’s a Montreal writer, and that would mean everything to me. Montreal is a beautiful diverse place that is very, very dynamic and vibrant. And I think we’ve grown into a sophisticated city ready to contribute to the issues that are global whether it’s environment, sustainable development, diversity in terms of working folks in companies. It’s a sophisticated city.