Data Management

Oracle has been around for like 40 plus years, and at the heart of what Oracle does is data management. If you think of when Oracle started 40 years ago was building a database for the CIA code named Oracle. And that was the roots of the company. And if you’re looking over the last 40 years, all of our capabilities have been built around managing data. And the heart of the smart cities is data. You’re pulling data from sensors, you’re pulling data from systems, you’re getting data from peoples’ phones, you’re getting it from cars now, from vehicles and so on, so many different places, there’s a way you gotta harness this data and use it in business processes.

Where we come in with our technology is taking all this data and bringing it to business processes, to help citizens and cities be more effective. As an example, I talked about mobility as a service, as one of the areas we’re focused on, because it’s critical for cities to have mobility that works.

If you think today we have so many different ways you can move around. It could be your car, it could be the transit, the metro, the bus, it could be Uber, it could be bikes. There are so many different ways people can move around and what we’re focused on is bringing solutions to market that actually help cities tie all this together, and that’s where Oracle’s strength is, is the platform that allows you to bring all this data together in a way that helps the citizens, and that is the lowest cost possible for the cities, as well.