Blindshot: A Montreal Novel

I started the book a few years ago and finalized it not that long ago, put it in the hands of a publisher I admired in Montreal, here, Linda Leith Publishing. They took it on with all the competition to, from writers in Montreal. There’s a lot of writing going on and a lot of publishing going on, and not everyone gets access to that. It’s a tough competitive grind for anyone trying to put out a book. But, luckily, Linda Leith put out my book and it’s really doing very well in the stores. You can get it online, Indigo, Amazon all that. So very pleased about that.

It’s a lifelong venture to get to that. As a kid, I was nine or 10 when I was dreaming of writing books, had all these ideas of thrillers and suspense and things going on in Montreal, and making films in Montreal. Actually my writing motivation came from the books and movies around me. So I always wanted to write screenplays, write books, turn books into screenplays, and I did that my whole life other than they weren’t produced or published, but I learned a lot of and got better at it to the point where I put out