Art Has The Capability To Mobilize Communities

We have to come out of the shell. I think we have to sort of drop some of the narcissism that our society promotes. I don’t think that’s a born human value. People would rather work in a coal mine than they would take a government handout. They know it will kill them, but they don’t want the handout. They want to be part of something bigger. We want to be part of something bigger. We’re not lazy. We’re not creatures who live off of comfort but yet that’s what the advertising industry pushes us.

More of us, more of us as artists need to rethink our strategies. Do we want to sell shit to people that we don’t care about or do we want to use those tools as communicators because there’s nothing really more powerful than art to speak to these issues. I would be open to the challenge, but people don’t care about facts. People don’t care about science. They’re not moved by rational thought. Belief does. Art speaks to us on very deep unconscious levels at times whether you understand it or not.

And so I think we need to challenge ourselves. I think when you as a young artist are looking at coming into this industry, what is meaningful to you?