A Rich History in The Sciences

“So we’re actually very lucky, and Montreal has a very rich history, not only in medicine but in the sciences in general. Starting with McGill University, but more currently, University of Montreal also was considered a world-renowned research-based institution. Montreal is a great place, not only to be a physician, but if you’re in the basic scientists, sciences, excuse me, you have four major universities that do about hundreds of millions of dollars of research.

A lot of this is funded by the government, in what would be called seed rounds or angel investments. There could be more venture capital, which I think is the point of this video. But in terms of starting up, I think a lot of science-based companies here learn to be very efficient with the money that they have. And for that reason, Montreal is known to punch above its weight class when it comes to producing research, given the size of the city and the amount of capital that’s available.”