Rêve Dans La Nuit Charity Event 2019

The big surprise right now is that we’re ending off summer with a real blast that is Rêve Dans La Nuit and that’s taking place in Laval. It’s like Strangers In The Night Laval style, lots of restaurants from Laval.

We’re looking at Roch Voisine, Michel Pagliaro, The Boogie Wonderband, Pierre Perpall, Nancy Martinez all performing live. It’s going to be a huge party, under tents again. It’s basically taking Strangers In The Night and making it into something very very special and very hot in Laval and that’s going to happen September 7th.

Rêvedanslanuit.ca, just check it out there and you can go buy the tickets. Come join us and you won’t be disappointed, I think this one is going to become more popular than even the West Island one eventually.