This is an exciting time to be a


Make it Montreal is a call to action for the doers, the thinkers, the creators, and the believers.

It is a celebration about everything that makes Montreal and its people so special. As a city we are inclusive, innovative, and progressive, and we are making Montreal a better place. It’s because of all of us who believed that it was still possible after all these years.

Being a Montrealer with great responsibility to create our own opportunities and build community in the process. Make It Montreal presents and explores the stories from people who have chosen to make Montreal their home.

We want to document this turning point in our city’s history through honest storytelling. People are moving back to Montreal. Businesses are moving back to Montreal. We are more ready than ever to contribute culturally, technologically, and economically to the world. Make it Montreal is a wake-up call that our past is behind us, and that now is our time to grow together.

We are a city built on relationships and ideas. The stories of Make it Montreal will inspire us to surprise people with what we are capable of. We should all want to contribute to our city so that it can support future generations. Our global stock is rising because we create and we build. We are making it in Montreal.