We Will Benefit From Growth Economies Of The Future

“One of the great parts about Quebec, I don’t make it a habit to quote Parti Quebecois politicians, but one thing they are right about is that Quebec is a unique territory. We have a strong French culture and base, which I think is a huge advantage. And with having the United States and English Canada at our borders is a huge advantage, because it does get a lot of different types of influence. Plus we’re already known to have more of a European flair as well.

That, combined with the cultures here, Arabic is gonna surpass English as a second language in Montreal, and we know that’s a growth economy. People aren’t talking about the brick so much anymore as much as Africa. And being in Montreal you have access both to the Commonwealth through England, and the Francophonie. And if we’re talking about Africa particularly, which is where I’m actually consulting in now as well because healthcare is one of the first things a lot of governments invest in when they start doing well, about half of the top five economies in Africa are part of the Francophonie. And so Montreal is well-poised to take advantage of the growth economies of the future.”