We Must Preserve Our Film Industry

“I remember in the 90s, Ireland had this incredible renaissance of filmmaking. My Left Foot, In the Name of the Father, all these great films are coming. It’s a country of four and a half million people. We’re 30-plus, why can’t we do it, too? Not that we’re not. Quebec has produced some fantastic films, but it was about tax breaks. It was about giving those incentives.

If we don’t give the proper incentives, I was sad to hear in Halifax, that the liberals took out the tax break and it destroyed the film industry that was built up over time. I never wanna see that here. I wanna make sure that those incentives are here. We need foreign money or opportunities for local money to get their tax incentive. Those initiatives have to stay and have to come. Without that, we’ll lose our industry. We’ll lose our talent south of the border and elsewhere.”