We Have Turned A Corner And It’s Very Positive

“Having been in Montreal for a couple of decades, I think there has been a period when we’ve been walking around with a chip on our shoulder. We don’t really know why it’s there, we don’t really know how to get rid of it, but it’s there. And it’s not talked about, but it’s there. So, I think we’ve just turned the corner. And I don’t think it was, you know, we woke up on Tuesday and we turned the corner.

I think it’s been a very gradual change. You know, more like an oil tanker turning in the ocean than a tugboat making sudden turn. It’s been a slow progression. I don’t think we have that chip on our shoulder any longer. I think we’ve moved on. I think we’ve moved on, and we’re now looking at Montreal in a much more positive light than we did before. And I think that positive energy is coming back into all businesses. And businesses are prepared to help other businesses. So I think we’ve turned a corner and I think it’s very positive.”