Volunteering & Mentoring Can Make The World Better

“There is so much that’s going on today that I’m at a loss for words to describe. When I see something going on, I’ll look at it, I’ll try my best to understand it. The advances in technology, what we can do today from a fundraising perspective using crowd sourcing and making campaigns, and letting people know that if it’s their birthday, if instead of going to a restaurant and getting 30 bottles of wine, they can tell their friends, thankfully I’m in a spot where I don’t need anymore wine and I don’t need the gift certificates.

Let’s identify a charity. Let’s find kids, animals, faith-based institutions. The impact that people can have without actually making a dent in their own lives is huge. In today’s generation, more and more people are recognizing that you don’t have to give that million-dollar gift to make a true impact in society. The world can be a better place because you’ve stopped and volunteered. The world can be a better place because you spent 20 minutes sitting down with a young student teaching them, pointing them in the right direction, mentoring them.

The world could be a better place because you’ve hired somebody with special needs to do a job that you know they love and they feel passionately about. And they’re gonna be loyal and they’re gonna bring fun and energy and positivity into your life. So from a standpoint of what wows me, what impresses me from today’s Montreal society, technology, we’ve got culture, we’ve got arts. We have so much going on that you’re never at a lost for something to do.”