There Are Limitless Opportunities In A Startup

“How do you wanna find a job, how do you do it? I think it requires a lot of honesty to yourself. ‘Cause this is the kind of advice that I give people. Like I think you should be honest about your qualifications. Structure your resume according to that, and target it according to like the jobs that you wanna go after, right? ‘Cause, whether you like it or not, if you interview for something and you know that you’re not qualified and you show up for the interview and you get rejected, it’s still a heartache, right? It’s a blow to your ego but also it makes the job finding even harder. Because then you accumulate a list of rejections.

I think it’s important to look at startups. I think there’s a lot, like limitless opportunities in a startup. I’ve worked for a big company for over six years. So the amount of contribution that I’ve given there compared to my two years and a half at MotorLeaf, it’s not even comparable. And the reason is that you can dictate what you want to contribute. There’s a lot of room for people to listen to your inputs and there’s a lot of validation and you’re just more involved. You’re not just a piece of computer.

So I think looking at startups, trying to understand what they’re trying to accomplish, and trying to ask yourself like what are your skill sets that will help that company reach their potential? And tell the companies how you can help bring them from point A to point B.”