The Quality Of School Is Great & Cost Is Affordable

“We have some great schools here. We still have schools that are well-ranked globally but from personal experience and even in the business world, you speak to a lot of people, a lot of backgrounds educationally and so on and we’re doing pretty well. I’ve been to Concordia. I graduated from Concordia. I went to McGill also, same thing. Took a lot of different certifications here and there’s all kinds of certification bodies. They all have presence in Montreal.

Quality of school is great. Cost is affordable. I know, just from looking into the cost of some states and so on, actually even when I went to Concordia at that point in time, I had also applied at the London School of Economics and a few places and there’s no comparison. It’s affordable, the courses are great, the teachers generally, always have good and bad but talking generally, quality is excellent. Faculties in all of the major universities of the two that I went to are great and I’ve heard similar stories from those who went to UQAM, HEC, and so on. I have to assume it’s the same there but my experience has been excellent. I’m a perpetual student. I just went back again for something else.”