The Possibilities For A.I. Are Limitless

“Our focus is to make sure we acquire the data. Come up with solutions to make sure that they’re safe, and then build from that. So right now, we’re helping them predict their yield. We also have products that will help scout diseases in their greenhouses. Maybe in the future we’ll be able to predict the prices that they’ll get from their distributor. Because there’s data in the transactions as well.

Everything that they collect, pretty much, we can take over and develop a product, so that they’re efficiently growing. They care about harvest, but they also should care about their return on investment, how much losses they’re gonna get every year, how they’re prices affect the prices in other parts of the world, because let’s face it, you know, everyone’s connected. You import produce, you export produce. And so yeah, the fact that everything is connected, and the fact that we work in an industry, in a food industry, then there’s a lot of data around it. And so for us, at least, I like to think that the possibilities are limitless.”