The Movin’On Movement

So the moving on movement is actually very important to Oracle because it’s mainly managed by Michelin, which is a French company, and our French team last year participated, here in Montreal, came to the attend the event, and they fell in love with the city. They fell in love with the way the event was managed. It’s a very creative event. There’s not many conferences like Moving On or C2 anywhere else. Last year I got to attend both of them. It’s very unique and it’s very well done. It attracts a lot of thought leaders from all over the world.

With the French team, about trying to, why not get involved and sponsor the event, and this year we actually went big. So we had one of the keynote sessions. One of our executives came in to present. We also had a booth, and we also ran a workshop and Wes came to Montreal to actually run the booth and present the new offering that we have for frictionless intermodal transit, which is really about helping cities create these transportation capabilities or probability as a service, where you can just pull your phone up and choose the most convenient way for you to move around the city. Which is one of the key projects that the city won the 50 million dollars on. Which is very coincidental but it is the future, because a lot of cities are investing in that space.