The Montreal Board Of Trade

The Montreal Board of Trade is an incredible organization that rallies people together that helps business thinking move forward. It’s a real spearhead for development. And as a business developer, I look for places and for contacts where that new knowledge is available and where new contacts can come that teach me what is going on. Because that’s what people come and ask me at work. They say, well, what’s the latest on something, or, where should I go, I’ve got some time to get out there and meet some potential clients, where should I look for that opportunity?

The Chamber of Commerce in Montreal. I find they do such really beautiful, sophisticated events where you have a chance to meet the top level of people in Montreal, so why not be there. And I try to be there as often as I can. And that makes for great relationships that build over time, and that’s the key to business development, right? It’s really building relationship where people understand the value you bring.