The Italian And Jewish Community

“When I began my business in 2005, the first community I sort of targeted was the Italian community just because I’m Italian. My parents immigrated here from Italy, so getting into that community was sort of easier. I spoke Italian. I understood the people, and it was a beautiful way into building my business. People were so supportive of me and brought me into a lot of different fundraising events for the Italian community. I was able to meet a lot of great people through there, and obviously every culture community really wants to start with their own people and supporting their own.

I created a wonderful network within that community, and then through doing events for different people of different backgrounds, I love the Jewish community just because they’re huge supporters of each other, of all of their organizations. They really have built strong foundations. Their relationships, they keep working at all their business relationships and they really support each other and it’s really a beautiful thing to see.”