The Importance of Cross-Cultural Exchanges

“There was a fantastic festival last year. It was like a Nordic festival at Place des Arts. Was it last year or year before? Yeah, two years ago. And I thought, wow, it’s fantastic. They had Sami singers from the north of Scandinavia to classical actresses, films, photo shows, what have you. I think we could attract more. I remember doing that on the Rendez-Vous de Cinéma Québécois, the first year with my After the War with Hannelore doc on the Cold War with Berlin.

You do the mixers and stuff and you’re just among other Quebecois filmmakers. Like, what good is this? Then, happily, when I did my Water of Life feature, we did the mixer and then there was people from Denmark and Brazil and the U.S. and Manitoba and they were looking for content. I think that we have to stop looking in so much and start looking out with our stories and our exchanges.”