The Domino Effect Of Life Insurance

There is a very unique aspect to the products that I sell, whether they be owned personally or corporately, and that is the fact that every single time a product is put into place, it is designed to protect someone’s financial security.

There is a massive medium or long term impact to the community in general. If you take, for example, an entrepreneur who has the foresight to purchase adequate amounts of insurance on his or her life to protect the company in the event that he should pass away before his time, or her time, what happens to that company if the entrepreneurs have not been responsible and forward-thinking enough to put a product into place that is designed to keep that company alive? There could be 50, 100, 250 people that lose their jobs as a result of that.

That is a very important but often not discussed aspect of what I do, and I do that primarily in the Montreal region. I have no clue as to how many multiple millions of dollars of financial security planning products I have put on the books over the last 40 years, but I do know that when those products deliver on the promises that ultimately they will, I have seen the domino effect on the community. I have seen wives and husbands thank me for at least taking care of the financial aspect of the difficult times that they’re going through. But equally important, and perhaps even more impactful than that, I have seen people and had people come up to me and thank me for taking care of the business so that they still have a job to be able to provide for their families.

People don’t realize how important that aspect of what I do is, and I think the fact that I’m a Montrealer, and I think the fact that I was born here gives me a little bit more passion and inspiration to really try and do the best that I possibly can for Montreal and for the entrepreneurs that are here.