The Comfort Of Community & Local Networks

“So I’ve had offers to leave Montreal. Someone with my background, with my experience, I get offers. For me one my family is here, and for me having family close by, one, is a support, but two, is just a personal comfort. That’s huge. Montreal’s also a very close community. So whether you live just off island or whether you live in the heart or downtown or wherever it is, you’re a maximum of 20 minutes to a half hour away from anywhere.

There’s something to be said about the network that’s been built up here in the community. If I need someone to do video, I call you guys. If I need someone to fix my car, I’ve got my person over here. If I pick up and move, I have to reestablish that network. Granted if you look to some of the communities that are close to us, Toronto, Ottawa, it’s not so far of a stretch to figure it out and to make it happen. But I’m comfortable here.

I love it here. I enjoy having everyone that I know close by. Just yesterday I was talking to someone who we bumped in to on the street that I haven’t seen in years, and we connected like we were old, well, we were old friends but we connected as if no time had gone by. Montreal’s the best of the big cities combined with the smaller cities I would call it.”