The Affordability Of The City

“There’s a definitely positive sentiment, I would say. There’s a lot of hungry people, I would describe them, who have gotten experience elsewhere around the world. Particularly in my field, just in my group of friends, I know multiple that have trained in England, France. I have one coming back from Korea. Many have gone to Harvard, Stanford, some of the big names in the US, and they’re all coming back here to Montreal. I would think the central reason would probably be affordability, where we have such a metropolitan city but you get to live at probably half the price as you would in Toronto or Vancouver and New York.

There was a period, I would say three, four years ago, where people felt kinda down. And like I said, you kinda get that sense when you’re in clinic that things just aren’t going well in general, I would say, economically in the city. But I would say over the last two years there’s this general optimism towards a lot of companies opening a lot of contracts, international contracts as well that a lot of my managers or CEOs get and they tell me about. And basically just very happy that there’s money coming into the city, and a lot of opportunity outside of the city, but with their roots coming here for Montreal.”