Technology Connects Seniors Like Never Before

“Thinking back over all the organizations, all the business that we have here in Montreal, we’re recognizing that everyone has their own mortality. And the needs of somebody when they’re in their 30s, 40s, 50s are different than the needs that one might have when they’re in their 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, hopefully 100s.

But with the advances of medical technology, more and more people are able to extend their working years. The question of what is a senior and when do you accept being a senior? You could go by the movie theater rate. So once you go 60, you are eligible for senior’s rates at a couple of dollars less to gain entry. You could go with the government’s definition of seniors in terms of when you’re eligible to start tapping into your retirement plans.

And there’s everything that’s in between. From a Montreal standpoint, when you think of seniors, when you think of the aging population, for me I think of those movie scenes when you have the elderly people who are sitting in parks feeding the birds, throwing a, not really throwing a frisbee but sitting in parks, feeding the birds, hanging out by a lake. And when you look at Montreal, we have all of those places within 15 minutes from each other, 20 minutes of each other.

If anyone wants and they’re not able to drive, they can use technology, press a button, and a taxi or an Uber will pick them up. If they wanna get on the metro and still have their independence, they can go out and they can get to wherever it is that they wanna get to. Technology is connecting the seniors in the aging population in a way that no other generation has been able to do.

I mean, I was talking to somebody two days ago whose parents moved to Florida. They can still stay in touch with them on a daily basis. They have their emails set up that when a flight goes on sale, they get notified and they can buy a ticket immediately for whenever they wanna go. So the gap is really, really closed in and minimized from the advent of technology.”