Tania Tassone Event Designer

“I’m Tania Tassone. I am an event producer in Montreal. I’ve been doing this for fifteen years now, so I started my company in 2005 and at that time my focus was very corporate-oriented. So I approached a lot of companies. I was doing a lot of corporate retreats, a lot of employee recognition events, annual general meetings, and that sort of thing. In 2008 when things started, when a lot of corporate budgets got cut, I turned my focus a little bit more to the private sector. So I started doing a lot of weddings, a lot of private events, 50th birthday parties, a lot of that sort of thing, and since then I’ve been doing a good mix of both type of events. I love both ares very much because they both bring me such a diverse knowledge and I get to meet so many different people I would say sixty percent of the business is private forty corporate.”