Summit School Grads Can Help Change Your Business

“The students and children at Summit are absolutely incredible. I invite anybody to come spend a day at Summit to see how positive and how wonderful it is. But when thinking about it from a diversity perspective and accessibility, Montreal is at the cusp of some incredible things. And you could see it from the way that businesses are openly talking about how they’re looking for individuals with special needs. They want to hire these people.

Studies show and the stats are there to back it up that people from the special needs community, Summit graduates, they’re positive. They’re loyal. They are genuinely happy and sincere. And what you see when you hire someone, one of our Summit grads is that they change the complexion of your business especially for small businesses. Because when you look at things from their eyes, you see a different outlook.

And the same can be said for Montreal. When you look at things from somebody else’s perspective, you know what they’re bringing with them. But everyone has their own experiences. Everybody has their own area where they can contribute. And a Summit we really give all of these kids and young adults the opportunity to shine. We want them to become independent. We want them to become contributing members of society, but within their own frame, within their own potential. If I were to ask somebody who’s an accountant to pick up a computer, a mouse, and do some graphic design, you’re not going to get the results that you’re looking for.

It’s the same thing when you’re talking about the sensitivities associated with special needs community. You need to give them the opportunity to learn. And sometimes it might take a little bit longer to figure out what works for them. But once they get things going and once they figure it out, the possibilities are endless for success.”