Sharing The Benefits of Nature With Others

L’Universit√© dans la Nature does exist, the first part was gathering all the research that is coming from all around the world, really, from Japan, from Australia, from the Scandinavian Countries, from the UK. So we started the first, let’s say two to three years, when we founded L’Universit√© dans la Nature.

We wanted to get in touch with those researchers who did the discoveries and after that, we started looking into those discoveries and we turned them into methodologies so they could be used very concretely in different, like I said, in the education system, in the hospitals, in companies, in the work place.

So that was the second step and the third one is to now disseminate those methodologies and to, for example, appear in different summits. So in summits we’re giving conferences where we propose a nature break so people get to, you know, they are in a summit so they’re very, they have to be very focused.

They attend a lot of conferences and workshops so there’s a lot of noise and all these things. So they are the perfect people to try nature as a way to refocus, to have benefits on your cognitive system, to feel at ease, at peace during this very demanding time. So what we do is that we go to conferences and summits and we offer these nature breaks and we also propose to those who are interested in a longer experience to go to an island or to a forest and do some non-cognitive activities and disseminate the knowledge and how they can apply nature in their practice.

But there’s still a lot to discover about the impact of nature so we want to help researchers to continue those research, fund the research and continue disseminating it as much as we can because we really believe that there’s a solution there to so many problems in our societies.