Quebec’s Nature Helped To Heal Me

“So my name is Hubert Mansion, I come from Belgium, and first time I was in Montreal, it was, I think, maybe 20 years ago, and I came here for business as a lawyer, because someone asked me to give some concern and advice about the music business in Quebec and the Francophone at large. So that was my first contact with Montreal.

And then I came back to Belgium, but then, I think maybe one year after I came back in Quebec in a completely different state of mind, because I had a real severe burnout. And I decided to go to nature, because I felt so bad that I couldn’t talk to anyone. So, I decided to go to the north of Quebec, and to experience nature, because I don’t know why, but I felt that it was the only way for me to heal. I did that, and it had a great effect on me. So big effect that I decided to understand why. I made a lot of research, and I found that there was a big scientific corpus explaining that nature is really good for your health. Not only, your physical health but your mental health.

And then I decided with my wife, Amelia, to create the L’Universit√© dans la Nature which is a non-lucrative institution dedicated to help people to reconnect with nature. Because, we think that we know how to connect with nature, but it’s not so easy, because we forgot a lot of things. So, that’s what we do now.”