Putting People First

“One of the questions I had asked Dario Montoni before accepting to move, to jump ship, and to work with a developer like Dario, was where do we see the company going in ten years? And how are we going to last the test of time? Because there had been a lot of contractors and developers. before us, there was a lot of them to come, and a lot of them failed over time as they grew. And his philosophy was exactly the same as the way I felt about real estate.

It’s not about the building and it’s not about where you’re located. It’s about the person. The person working in the building or, if you’re doing residential, the person living in the building. It’s really people-centric. And that’s the way we conducted every meeting with every person we met. We made them feel, which was genuine, that it was about them. It wasn’t about the sale. It wasn’t about the lease. It wasn’t about the acquisition. It was about what would make them, and their team and their employees happy.

I’ll never forget meeting Ericsson for the first time. And one of the first question they asked is, what’s your vision? What do you see? And the response was simple. We see an environment like no other for your staff. Anybody can draw and build a building, but what’s gonna be important here is to make sure everybody in that building feels like they’re home. We carry that message throughout every project we’ve done. We basically look at the people and ask them, we ask them what the best environment would be for them.”