Pushing Through Our Growing Pains

I think one of the things that makes Montreal so great, I know one of the things that makes Montreal so great is the fact that if you come here with entrepreneurial drive and a spirit and a commitment to wanna get the job done, you can flourish probably better than in any other city in Canada, and the reason why I say probably better is because you’ve gotta work hard, just like you have to work hard anywhere else.

But the people that are successful here go beyond just working hard, they embrace the character of the city, they embrace the spirit of the people in this city, and they adapt accordingly. So the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well, it is extremely diverse, and it is growing and flourishing.

Along the way there’s growing pains, everybody has growing pains, it’s a part of life. But the things that are being done in this city, the annoying things like infrastructure, which is something that, since it hasn’t been taken of in about 150 years, is due.

But the truth is that the infrastructure that we’re building out now is going to create a massive economic base that is solid, long term, and sustainable at all levels. It’s not narrowly focused like it used to be.