People Here Are Helpful & Supportive

“Montreal has created a space where you can live and let live. Other cultures, other people. And it’s not just a question of culture. I think even, as a human being, because we’re not just defined with the color of our skin and where we come from. I mean, we are, we have aspirations.

And it seems when you are in Montreal, you feel that it’s possible, you feel that, yes, I can try this, and I will get help. I will get help from people who think like me, and even people who don’t really understand what I’m trying to do, but who want to see things happening in Montreal. So I absolutely cannot put any words on how Montreal succeeded to do that. But I can feel it. And I’m not the only one. This is very particular. This really, when I’m just saying it. As I’m saying it, I really feel that it’s very particular, to have been able to do so.”