Opportunities Are Available To Young People

“I have a reference point. I don’t know if you say that in English, but, having grown in France, and coming here, and meeting the people I think come from the same background, I could see the differences in how Montreal has been able to handle, you know, immigration, handle people coming from everywhere in the world, and what are the solutions that Montreal provided for people, I mean for this kind of process, you know, immigrating somewhere.

And I have to say that I am so proud. I am so proud of this city. It’s not perfect, okay? It’s absolutely not perfect. But I’ve been discussing with people of Haitian in the Haitian communities, in the North African communities as well, even with French people, you know, from all colors, and we all say the same thing, you know? It’s that, okay, there are things to improve, but definitely, Montreal is a place where you have the opportunity to become who you want to become. Simply because, you know, examples like this.

For example, in the education system, I have a fifteen year old boy, and the way, for example, in school, they really make sure that people communicate. You know, there’s this aversion of conflict, and having conflictual interactions. And this alone, you know, teaching that to young kids, this alone breaks a cycle of violence that I’ve seen so many times when I grew up in France, for example. So this is one aspect that really struck me when I got here and I was raising my son. Another thing is all the volunteering opportunities that young people have, you know, to contribute to their communities. I think that’s amazing.

You know, in France, it was absolutely, well, back in the days, because maybe it has evolved now, but back in the days it was so difficult to simply have the opportunity to have a little job here and there, or to, I don’t know, there was, I feel that there was not as many opportunities that I find here. You know, for young people to really be in touch with seniors, to be in touch with different cultures.”