Nature Gives Me The Freedom To Think

Emilia: I really wanted him to be able to have a platform where he would say all the things he had to say for artists first, but then for people to look into their potential because that’s really what is important for Hubert, to make sure that people can use who they are to contribute and to do, whether they’re artist or they’re an entrepreneur, or if they have a creation in mind, that they know how to produce that and to, well, live off that as well.

Hubert: And that’s why I love nature so much because it’s a place where you can, you are free to think, you are not free to think in cities because you have a lot of advertising, a lot of images or a lot of pictures or a lot of people. So you are not free because you are thinking about the things you see but in nature you are free to think and for me that’s the most important thing today is the freedom to think, that’s essential today.

Emilia: It’s true.