My Academic Background

“I started off with a degree in psychology at Concordia. And I liked it from a psychological perspective, from a giving back, but I got a call, I remember, halfway through my first degree and I was recruited to be in a program where they gave me a masters in non-profit management. It was a cohort-based program. They flew me from Montreal with five other Montreal professionals to Chicago and to Toronto and to Ottawa. And they gave us the tools that we needed, and they invested in I’ll quote, “the youth of the future”, because they recognize that in the non-profit world burnout rates are huge, turnover rates are huge.

They wanted to really give us that credibility that we needed to succeed. So I got my degree in Chicago while working here through distance education. And I came back and I said, a degree in non-profit management is great, but I need something else that will take me to the next level. So that’s when I became the youngest person in the current cohorts of the executive MBA program at John Molson. So I was the only one on the computer, laptop typing out my notes, everyone else was old school. But I met incredible people from around Montreal who are still my friends and colleagues.”