Montreal’s Support For Small Businesses

When you talk about building a business, you can talk about it at different levels. Why do people come to Montreal as opposed to other cities in Canada, or other cities in North America? It’s not just about the cost of doing business. I think that overall, the infrastructure in Montreal and in Quebec is set up so that small and medium businesses, les PME are supported.

Of course, everyone can complain about anything at any time, but in the big picture, the reason why you come to Montreal is because of course you can make money, of course you can build a business, but you can also go to any one of 2,000 restaurants and have a great meal, you can experience that in a broad ethnic diversity, you can go an hour out of Montreal and be in the wilderness if you’re so inclined to be completely eaten by mosquitoes. You can do so many things in this city, it brings so much to the table, that maybe one or two or three or four or five percent profitability is worth it to get that kind of a quality of life.