Montreal Welcomes Immigrants To Contribute

“I was in the music industry in France, in the hip-hop industry. That’s what I knew. And when I got here, that’s what I tried to look into, because it was something I was used to, and I had quite a lot, a little success in France. So when I got here, that’s the first environment that I discovered. I discovered those areas here in Montreal. You could call it St-Michel, you could call it St-Henri, and well, the kind of equivalent of what I knew when I was in France.

But I was so surprised because it all so different, but we can talk about that a bit later. Just to make a long story short, what is interesting with my journey in Montreal, is that it started with the type of environment I was used to, but little by little, I saw all the things that Montreal had to offer, and that completely drove my path, and helped me extract myself from what I initially knew, and start looking at myself as somebody who could really contribute. Because there was a place where it was okay, and I was welcomed to contribute.”