Montreal Is Not At All France in America

“But the first time you come in Montreal as a European guy, you think, and French people think also, that they will find France in America. And, that’s the beginning of a lot of surprise, because it’s not at all the France in America. Because of the language, they think that it will be easy for them to have links with people, but they don’t realize that this is a completely different mentality.

And, not only because they do different things, but because they don’t think in the same way. And they don’t feel in the same way. That’s really something, when you are with someone, and you just realize that he doesn’t feel the same thing as you. So, culture, for me, is about feelings, things, and so if we are at a table with 10 different people coming from different culture, we will have 10 different sensibilities. But it’s really difficult to understand, and it’s difficult to write down.

That’s the thing I decided to do with the I decided to write a book about the culture of Montreal. Not in the scientific way, but in daily way of dealing with people.”