Montreal Is A Land Of Opportunity

“I remember being a kid and my dad would drive downtown. I’d be in his big station wagon and we’d drive by the Molson building, and he said, “See, that’s an opportunity.” And I didn’t understand, said, “What do you mean, that’s an opportunity?” He goes, “Someone came off a boat with a dream and look what he made of that dream.” And he was talking about the Molson family.

And my dad kept referring to people and how they made their dreams come true, and you should never back down, and just keep focusing on what’s important in life, and that’s to do what you want to do in life. And every time he’d use an example, he’d kind of, you know, he’d point to something in Montreal. For some reason that always resonated.

So moving to Toronto or working in the States, Montreal always attracted me. It always brought me back. It was like a magnet. It’s everything. It’s the culture, it’s the food, it’s the nightlife. It’s the festivals, it’s Formula 1. Everything about this city, no matter where I was in the world, I would talk about Montreal. I’d compare everything to Montreal. And people saw, people knew I was a proud Montrealer.”