Montreal Companies With An International Presence

“I was always a big fan of history. It was actually one of my favorite subjects growing up. So I remember learning about how Alexander Graham Bell went through Montreal before he developed the phone at Harvard. Dr. J. Naismith, the inventor of basketball, was in Montreal before he went to Massachusetts to invent the sport with peach baskets.

Power Corp, the Desmarais family, another great business story from Quebec. The Saputo family, they are literally the kings of cheese. And Aldo as well, if we’re talking about fashion. In my industry in particular is Valeant Pharmaceuticals, which is a big international player. So for me, what makes me proud is I like seeing Montrealers come up with companies that are staying here, that are growing here, and really have an international presence.

I forgot to mention Couche-Tard as well, one of the second-largest food companies on earth. CGI, seventh largest telecom company. So I feel like the roots are there and it’s getting better. I haven’t even mentioned video game or Element AI. There’s just so much stuff coming now, and a lot that was established before. That’s what really motivational, when I pick up the newspaper and I hear about Quebec brands and Quebec companies really making it on the international scale.”