Mobilizing Community Through Collaboration

The En Masse project kind of rises and falls as I pay attention to it. I mean, it is in a very funny kind of way a body of my own work. As an artist, I was interested, I mean, Tim and I were interested in issues surrounding artistic authorship, issues surrounding shared creativity, a number of the issues that the En Masse project is mandated to explore.

I never expected to use collaboration as a tool, as an artist, using collaboration as a tool of expression. When I’m not paying attention to the En Masse project, when I’m off on more personally directed work, it just goes dormant. It kind of falls asleep. There’s still a lot of interest. A lot of projects come in but that’s a kind of reflexive activity where I’m just like great, this project, yes, that project, no, but there’s no outward expression. We’ve not really done any reach. And so it’s been alive for about 10 years now, but I think five of those 10 years have been rather dormant.

Under the conditions right now in the world which I think are of enormous mutual concern when we talk about environmental and political issues, my interest in the En Masse project and seeing it expand and develop again is renewed in the sense that it has an enormous capacity to mobilize community. And mobilize community not necessarily in an overtly political way while it contains in itself a very powerful political and sociological message, it never has to wave a flag.