Meeting People From All Walks Of Life

“The reason it’s so great to be in downtown Montreal, to have this practice, particularly for the walk-in clinic is that you meet people from all walks of life who are doing so many different things. And one of the first questions we have to ask every patient is what they do for a living, as that obviously affects their health a lot. So you almost have a bit of a pulse on the economy, in a sense that a lot of people are very proud of what they do. They’ll go on my computer screen and show me their websites. They’ll show me their restaurant and all this. I get great invites too, which is not bad after work.

And so you see when the economy’s not doing well, what people are coming to see you for. And even when the economy is doing well, people are still coming in and telling you about what they’re doing. And you know, I meet Brazilians, Colombians, people from Europe, Germany, lot of France, England, Australia, New Zealand, all over the world. Lot of Americans coming up, particularly for the video game industry. And so they tell you their little stories, why they came to Montreal. And so it’s a great way to just understand what’s going on. And the downtown location of our clinic really allows me to enjoy that aspect of the practice.”