Looking At Life Insurance In A Better Light

One of the things that I’ve learned over the years is that the financial security products that I sell are often not well received because of the image that they have. But if you back that up, turn it around a little bit, and understand that there are so many dynamic, risk-taking Montrealers, and so many unbelievably driven entrepreneurs, what do these people have in common, if you will? Is confidence, they have confidence, and if they don’t have confidence, they can’t do the things that they do.

There are so many success stories in this province as a result of confidence, what insurance does is it guarantees that they can move forward with absolute confidence, because heaven forbid should something happen that does not allow them to continue to move forward, there will be dollars in place that will allow them and their businesses, or the successors of their business to continue.

So the insurance products actually fit better in the Montreal environment than a lot of other areas once people get their heads around the fact that your confidence is now insured, move forward, go take those risks, build those businesses, support those communities.